Reimbursement by health insurance companies

I am a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Soma Therapeuten (NVST; Dutch Association for Soma Therapists). Soma therapists are therapists who work with the body when treating a client. Examples of these treatment methods are Shiatsu and Foot reflex zone massage.

All NVST therapists have completed a thorough study, and frequently attend further training courses so that quality is guaranteed. In addition, all the members have a Certificate of good conduct. Continuing education, peer supervision, search, and complaint and disciplinary measures form major parts of the quality policy.

Health insurance companies will reimburse the treatments by NVST therapists. On you can find an overview of all the reimbursements per health insurance company.

For more information, you can get help from your health insurer; when asking questions you can provide the following information:

Louis Casteelen, shiatsu therapist
member of the NVST (Nederlandse Vereniging van Soma Therapeuten)
membership number L1523
AGB (Algemeen Gegevens Beheer: General Data Control) care provider code 90030193
AGB practice code 90(0)09194

Member of SRBAG (Stichting Registratie Beroepsbeoefenaren Aanvullende Gezondheidszorg: Registration Additional Health Care Professionals Foundation), registrationnumber 123515

Member of RBCZ (Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Complementaire Zorg), licensenumber 107096R


How much costs a shiatsu treatment?

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During the treatment, but certainly just after the treatment, I can feel a positive radiation going through my body, so I was able to manage really well again. And that’s exactly what I want myself too.
Peter, 49 years
In the beginning, I went almost every week and it really helped too, because I had almost no migraine headaches. Now I go once every 3 weeks and that is also going really well because I’ve only had one slight migraine, and after I had visited Louis the headache disappeared immediately.
Chantal, 13 years
During pregnancy, when your posture changes, when you can’t sleep anymore as you are used to and when you can’t do vigorous sports anymore, it is really nice that your body receives a good treatment.
Wilma, 35 years