Louis CasteelenLouis Casteelen (1962) gives shiatsu treatments since 2002. His treatments are firm and down to earth.
ReimbursementOver 40 health insurance companies will reimburse the treatments by NVST therapists.
KatendrechtShiatsu Rotterdam is located on the peninsula Katendrecht in Rotterdam. Katendrecht is just a few steps away from the center and easily reached by car, bike and public transportation.
I experience the treatment by Louis as solid, clear and with a careful and great attention, which really helps me. After a treatment, I always feel stronger and I can cope for a while again.
Anne Karin, 49 years
I personally thought that a worn-out knee couldn’t be treated, but after a number of treatments there was a considerable difference, an improvement. The pain is much less so it is far easier for me to walk quite far.
Karel, 74 years
I can recommend Louis’ treatments to everyone. I don’t just experience these treatments as times of relaxation, but also as maintenance for my body. Even after more than one year, I’m still surprised at how much effect the treatments have.